STA-PC1M POSCA PC-1M Extra-fine Permanent Marker Pen

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"Posca PC-1M marker pen features a fine tip which creates permanent, ultra-fine lines on any surface, and is ideal for artistic work, decoration, identification, and labeling.  The ink is quick-drying and waterproof, and doesn't fade in the sun." 

"Product Origin: Japan" 

" STA-PC1M POSCA PC-1M 超细广告笔" 

"Black Fine Tip Marker Pen" 

"Instructions:  Be sure to test the marker on your specific surface before use, to ensure its suitability and longevity.  Always replace the cap after use to prevent the ink from drying out." 

"Features:  Water-based ink, ACMI certified safe, and non-toxic." 

" permanence: Water-resistant and sun-resistant" 

"Usage: Suitable for use on metal, glass, plastic, stone, leather, ceramic, wood, and more!" 

"Item Contents:  One pen" 

"Color: Black" 

"Tip Size:  0.88mm Japanese Fine Tip" 

"Created in Japan in 1983, POSCA pens are the ultimate tool for creative expression. The best-selling POSCA PC-1M extra-fine, permanent marker pen is a favorite among both students and professionals, delivering ultimate precision and control in a versatile marker pen." 

"Discover the endless artistic and practical applications of POSCA pens, and experience the superior quality and performance that has made them a favorite among professionals and enthusiasts alike." 

"To ensure best performance, use Posca markers on surfaces that are clean, dry, and free of dust, dirt, grease, or other contaminants.  Avoid using the marker on surfaces that are rough, greasy, or acidic." 

"Care and Cleaning:  For best performance, store pen with the cap tightly sealed, and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures." 

"Safety Information:  ACMI certified safe and non-toxic, POSCA markers are made from water-based ink and are easy to wash off with soap and water." 

"Avoid contact with eyes and skin, and read the safety instructions on the packaging before use."

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